Radio frequency identification technology (RFID) currently plays an important role in asset management. It provides asset life cycle visibility, bringing real-time asset location information, error-free data capture, and ultimately enabling efficient asset management processes. Automated management of assets will save your organization labor, time and money.
Tag Management
Each piece of equipment is given a unique tag through RFID technology to facilitate query and management.
Asset Lending management
When borrowing or returning a device, the PDA scans it to complete the borrowing. When a quality problem occurs, you can view the debit record and track the responsible person. The operation and management are convenient and the problem of equipment secondment is successfully solved.
Asset Standard Management
It's easy to obtain the device number, name, status, specifications, model, parameters, operating instructions, etc via scanning with a PDA to easily. At the same time, if quality problems arise, you can apply online in time, and managers will receive information in time and make decisions. For faulty equipment, administrators can promptly change the status of the equipment through mobile phone or background feedback, making it easier for users to query maintenance information.
Data Analysis
Conduct big data statistics for equipment management, such as equipment borrowing data, procurement data, department allocation data, personnel flow data, maintenance data and other information, and export various reports with one click according to management method requirements.
Accountability System
For equipment procurement, the procurement time, equipment allocation management, users (including past and present), maintenance reasons, scrap processing, etc. can be traced accurately to every minute and every second.