Give each piece of linen a unique RFID digital identity, and use industry-leading data collection equipment to collect status information of linen in every handover link and every washing process in real time; rely on powerful data analysis tools to achieve full monitoring of linen Process and full life cycle management can help operators improve linen circulation efficiency, reduce labor costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
Standardized management of linen laundry
Standardize the management of linen laundry, optimize information query, save working time and improve work efficiency.
Quick Inventory checking
Quick inventory checking, accurately count the types and quantities of linen and reduce the time for inventory and counting time of sending and receiving clothing.
Intelligent Sorting
Record the type of each linen and the company it belongs to in detail, sort and package the linen, and deliver it accurately.
Linen traceability
Track the number of times linen is washed, estimate the service life of linen, and make reasonable inventory management and purchase plans.