One RFID Label for Cosmetics,Wine,Metal assets,and Non-metal items


Rgarding to RFID projects,you may have faced some hard problems as follows

1,Normal paper label couldn’t be used for liquid and metal

2,If flag paper label,it looks ugly and easy to drop

3,If hard tag for metal,always very thick and couldn’t be bent and printed,etc

Now RichRfid offers UHF RFID anti-metal&liquid labels that will help you solve these problems,it can be used for liquid bottle,metal assests,non-metal items.

They keep good performance on all different articles.

As they are based soft material,they could be curved,no problem for camber surface.Besides,they are very thin,so could be printed and encoded by RFID

printers at the same time One label for liquid bottle, metalic assets, non-metal articles, make your RFID projects easy.