RichRfid awarded the “High-tech Enterprise” certification


Recently, the Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise Recognition Management Leading Group Office announced the 2021 high-tech enterprise award list. Shenzhen RichRfid Technology Co., Ltd. was awarded the “High-tech Enterprise” recognition and officially set sail into the ranks of high-tech enterprises. It also marks that the innovation ability of RichRfid in the field of RFID tags has been fully recognized and supported at the national level.47896531_1693386203.jpg

The “High-tech Enterprise” certification is a qualification established by the state to focus on supporting the development of enterprises, and it is one of the most important honors of China’s scientific and technological innovation enterprises.

Being recognized as a high-tech enterprise is a comprehensive performance of an enterprise’s scientific research level and market prospects. At the same time, high-tech products are brand-new products in the national and provincial high-tech key areas, technical fields and product reference catalogues. Good economic benefits and broad market prospects can improve the market competitiveness of products. The identification of high-tech products directly proves the high-tech content of products.60849523_1693215654.png