Successful end | RICH RFID with new products grand debut RFID Journal Live 2023



RFID Journal Live (American International Radio Frequency Technology Exhibition), one of the largest and most professional RFID exhibition in North America, was held in Orlando Convention Center, Florida, USA, from May 9 to 11, this exhibition, RICH RFID with the latest research and development of RFID UHF laundry tag,high temperature resistant PCB tags and other products made a grand debut. Relying on ultra-high reliability, high security and customized design capabilities, the company has attracted high-quality customers from domestic and overseas counterparts and various application fields to stop for consultation and in-depth exchanges.



Over the years, RICH RFID keeps focusing on the research and development and application of UHF RFID inlay/label/tag and has formed a full range of UHF RFID inlay/label/tag products, including flexible anti-metal labels, high-protection anti-metal tags, smart retail labels, etc., and the products have always been in a leading position in terms of ultra-high reliability and stability.



The laundry tag displayed in this exhibition is the latest research and development product of RICH RFID. By sewing a strip shaped electronic laundry tag on each piece of linen, the tag has a unique global identification code, which can be used repeatedly. In the entire use and washing management of linen, the use status and washing times of linen are automatically recorded through the batch reading of RFID readers. It makes the handover of washing tasks simple and transparent, and reduces business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the washing times, users can estimate the service life of the current linen and provide forecast data for purchasing plans.