Industry 4.0

Industry application
RICH RFID provides different RFID tags and label for industry application.Asset management often requires strict policies, disciplined operations and labor intensive inventory audits. RFID is helping many leading enterprises to streamline and even automate their daily asset management operations – saving both time and money.With RFID solution,the assets can be tracked easily,accurately and efficiently.Datum,such as production date,serial number,maintenance information,can be wrote into the tags and labels.Then the datum can be read and uploaded to the management system,such as SAP,ERP,WMS,SCM.With RFID and supportive asset management system, asset locations and availability can be seen real time, which is the key for better asset utilization.Besides,the RFID system also can protect asset from theft.


It’s used to track parts and work in process and to reduce defects, increase throughput and manage the production of different versions of the same products

Supply chain,Logistics and Warehouse

RFID tags and labels enable to automate counting,trace inventory and locate assets.It will provides precise and efficient assets management.

Mining,oil and gas

RICH RFID provides durable RFID tags,which can with stand harsh environment,such as high temperature,damp situation,etc.

Vehicles and Fleet management

Windshield tags and smart cards are widely used for access control in parking lot.For tires anti-counterfeit and anti-theft,UHF tire tags are best options.
Washing and Laundry

The RFID tags enable uniform companies, hospitality organizations, commercial cleaners, and medical facilities to automatically track clothing, linens, rags and other assets for accurate, efficient inventory management and accounting practices.