RFID UHF Chip for Batteryless Sensor

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Farsens offers proprietary RFID ICs that are able to supply and communicate with external components.

The RFID ICs harvest energy from the RF field created by RFID readers and use that power to drive sensors, actuators or other electronics effectively creating battery-free devices.

All commands used with these ICs are standard, no custom commands are needed.

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The Rocky100 is a UHF RFID IC with advanced capabilities for developing battery-free sensor tags.

The device features a configurable SPI port (master/slave) for communication with external devices and a configurable power output for driving those external devices from the energy harvested from the UHF RF field.

The tag is compatible with EPC C1G2 RFID commercial readers. No custom hardware or custom commands are required.

The Rocky100 is ideal for developing battery-free devices such as sensors, actuators or displays. These devices will help in asset or process monitoring applications as they provide a unique identification number plus data from the associated sensor without the need for batteries.



· 860MHz-960MHz operation

· EPC Class-1 G2 compliant

· ISO 18000-6 Type C compliant

· 128-bit EPC & 48-bit TID

· RF sensitivity: -13dBm in passive and -35dBm in BAP

· Configurable power output: 1.2V to 3.0V

· Configurable SPI port – master/slave

· Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

· 4x4mm QFN16 packaging

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