About Us


RichRfid, dedicated in the development of internet of things(IOT) , is specialized in designing and manufacturing passive RFID (NFC & HF & UHF) Tag solutions for key market application in Retail, IT & Logistic Assets management, Health care and Industry manufacture.


When you work with RichRfid, you will benefit from our advantages:

Personalized and professional tag & antenna design based on different application.

• Reliable and stable mass production from our advanced production & inspection facility.

• Large and sustainable production capacity (300 millions yearly for the tag).

• Fast Delivery and sufficient inventory for standard products.

• Expert assistant with tag selection for different application.

• Worldwide local sales services.

• Patents protection and ROHS,REACH certificate.


To support our global base of customers and partners, RichRfid corporate team is located in Shenzhen, China, with its R&D center and special application tags production in Shenzhen, NFC & HF & UHF Inlay/label production in Dongguan, China.

RichRfid works with a worldwide network of trusted partners and distributors to support customers locally. We keep looking for strong partners/distributors to join us. we promise to provide cost-effective and high quality products and project protection for our partners.